Next event: Blogging Basics

Responding to continued interest about blogging, especially the basics, such as how to get started, we’ve decided to run a small informal workshop.

Meg and I will share what we already know, the lessons we’ve learnt, the mistakes we’ve made, so that you can fast track your own blogging.  This is your opportunity to ask questions, even the ones you think are silly.  Trust me, there is no silly question!

We are running the session over lunch so we’ll feed you as well.  The cost of the workshop is $25.  We decided to run this at a non-commercial level so that it’s accessible to everyone, but we do need to cover our own costs.  Our time, we are donating, and consider this a way of “paying it forward”.  Some credits for the karma bank!

Blogging BasicsBuy Tickets

Update 16 August 2013

Event sold out.  Please contact Meg or Mi to register your interest for a future event.


I'm a business coach passionate about helping women make the impossible possible! Do get in touch! I would love to have a chat with you to see how I can help.

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