Networking etiquette

Is it ok to add someone you met at a networking event to your newsletter mailing list?

My answer to this is “no”.  I find it rude.  I may be alone on this but I doubt it.

Networking is about building relationships, not finding the next opportunity to sell.  Adding me to your list without first building a relationship grates at my sensibilities.  My initial reaction is to click “spam” but I know how damaging that would be to you if my email provider blacklists your domain as producing spam.  So think about this issue carefully.  If you are going to do it, send an email, say hello, treat me like a real person, ask whether I would mind.  If I yes, and only then, add me.

What do you think?


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One comment on “Networking etiquette
  1. […] statement needs to be made, but I’ve written about this before – that it’s poor business etiquette to spam someone you’ve met […]

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