Meeting places

Originally we began meeting in a small cafe called Connections….. on a Monday…….. hence our name! Quite a cosy spot (if the door was closed in winter), but we had to walk through clouds of cigarette smoke from the nearby office workers to get there. It was cheap and cheerful and at times a little loud!

This year we have been meeting at Clancy’s Restaurant within the Bruce County Motel, following on from a very successful end of year lunch there. The service there is great and occasionally Mi & I have stayed on for lunch to discuss other matters. The July Connection was a little different as it went “walkabout” and attendees were treated to morning tea made by one of our network members.

If you are interested in networking with a difference, come and meet with us….. the coffee (and tea) is good and importantly, no parking restrictions!

The next Monday Connections is August 25th at 9.30am.


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

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