Welcome to 2015

A warm welcome to 2015, both figuratively and literally!

As we enjoy a brief respite from the previous few days of scorching heat, many people are looking forward to beginning the new year with a myriad of resolutions.

Resolutions are good, but how many people really keep them?

What is it about a resolution that is kept? A successful resolution is a goal. It doesn’t matter what model you use, SMART, GROW or another; the common denominator with successful resolutions are that they focus on the positive rather than the negative. Writing them down, being specific about the steps that you are going to take to get that end result and a time frame in which to achieve each step is a start. Identify any obstacles to achieving your goal or goals and work out how to sidestep them or remove them. Include regular review sessions to enable you to make any necessary changes that will help you meet your goals!

If you are a more visual person, then a Vision Board may be the way to go.This is a little more involved than wishful thinking and cutting out pictures from glossy magazines. Start by doing a short meditation on what it is that you really want. An image or a word may come to your mind or possibly several. Again, be specific. If a new car is on the horizon, a picture of the model you want rather than a picture of a car yard is preferable. It’s a pleasurable exercise and can be done either on your own or with a group. You can make a book, a board, a poster… it’s your vision and it’s great to return to them later and see what has materialized. I did this with my current house… and got all that I envisioned and a couple of extras!

As we come out of the holiday period, this is an ideal time to focus on your vision and goals for your business. Our first networking event for 2015 is a little earlier than usual, due to the Australia Day public holiday and we meet on January 19th at our usual meeting place. This is an ideal time to meet other women in business, and discuss with them in a relaxed and informal setting your plans for the year. Sometimes articulating a goal is the ideal way to make yourself accountable to keeping on track!


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

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