Blogging…Is it your cup of tea (or coffee)?

cup of cofee

Both Mi & I have blogs as part of our websites. Mi is far more diligent in writing regular, structured posts whereas my blog is more of an occasional stream of consciousness.

You can read some of Mi’s articles HERE and some of mine HERE.

If you are not sure about whether blogging is for you, we have run some successful workshops on blogging basics and we could be cajoled into running another one if you are interested.

For those of you who are regular attendees of our monthly Monday Connection, there is an opportunity for you to “guest blog” here…. and let the world know about what it is that you do or your passion in life. Just in case you missed my passion you can read about it in this post.….. (nothing like a little shameless self promotion 😀 )


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

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