Our little group, still going strong after five years, met today to welcome 2017!  With a fantastic core group of members, it was still nice to see new faces, and we hope to continue to be a safe place for women in business to network without the pressure of elevator speeches and referrals.


As usual, interesting themes were discussed, and our get-to-know-you speeches revealed such fascinating stories.  It is in the stories where it becomes clear that we are so much more than business owners.  We reveal our history, our passions, and sometimes our struggles.

photo2Originally meeting at the Connections Cafe, which was the inspiration for our group’s name, we have now been meeting at the Overflow Cafe for a few years.  I thought it was time to join the VIP club. Meg and I often stay on for lunches and the 10% discount will definitely be appreciated!

I hope everyone has a great 2017!





I'm a business coach passionate about helping women make the impossible possible! Do get in touch! I would love to have a chat with you to see how I can help.

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