The Box

You may be wondering about why we have this box on the table each time we have a Monday Connection.

It is our referral box. It contains your business cards and you are free to add some new ones and have a look at the others and take out any that catch your eye.

Referrals are all important and another of our values is that we don’t do forced referrals like some networks do. We always like to hear of successful referrals and there have been a few, but in the main we feel that business generated within the group stays relatively private between the two parties.

The box allows anyone to take a card, leave a card and make contact after having had a conversation at a Monday Connections event. It’s all about building relationships.

We realize that as solo business owners that sometimes we can’t make it to a Monday Connection because of clients, sick kids and other things that life throws at us from time to time. By having your card in the box, you still have a presence at Monday Connections as it may be taken out and saved by another attendee for future reference.

If you are going through a re-branding, then by all means take out your old cards and put your bright shiny new ones in. About 10 will do and you can always replenish on your next visit if they have been taken. Do make sure your details on your card are correct… although that is how Mi & I met all those years ago because I had left off the .au on my email address and she phoned me to let me know!

First time visitors are welcome to put some cards in the box as you may feel a little shy. Because Monday Connections is a relationship based networking group, some lasting friendships have evolved and this may seem a little daunting at first but this is because we all want to get to know the other attendees a little better before giving a referral. Putting your cards in at the very first Connection will help others to “suss” you out and perhaps make contact with you!

Every now and then, the contents of the box are gone through and if someone hasn’t attended in over 6-8 months the cards are removed as is their membership of the Facebook page. You will always find our cards there as we are the founders and organizers of the group and we reserve the right to remove cards of people who haven’t attended for some time. The second photo shows what is left after a “cull”, so we are looking forward to having some new and updated cards put in the box at the next Monday Connection!


Clinical Hypnotherapist, Social + Emotional Intelligence Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher

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