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Our little group, still going strong after five years, met today to welcome 2017!  With a fantastic core group of members, it was still nice to see new faces, and we hope to continue to be a safe place for women

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Networking etiquette

Is it ok to add someone you met at a networking event to your newsletter mailing list? My answer to this is “no”.  I find it rude.  I may be alone on this but I doubt it. Networking is about

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Networking quotes

Thought these two were gems….

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Is networking a dirty word?

If you have ever struggled with networking, you might be inclined to think so.  If you are not being authentic – pretending to be something you’re not, networking will be a thorn in your side. These articles were originally shared

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Next event: Blogging Basics

Responding to continued interest about blogging, especially the basics, such as how to get started, we’ve decided to run a small informal workshop. Meg and I will share what we already know, the lessons we’ve learnt, the mistakes we’ve made,

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Elevator speeches

Hate elevator speeches?  I do.  Both giving and receiving them. I know it serves a purpose and I would still recommend that you get a handle on yours, if only to get it perfectly clear in your mind what is

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